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CoD: Everything Old

CoD: Everything Old

The popularity of the Call of Duty seems to be at an all time low. With the success of the Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 launches, it seems that the average gamer isn't interested in the newest instalment of Activision's long running cash cow. The company seems to have foreseen this however as...

I Love Lamp

I Love Lamp

The power of fandom is awesome. People taking the things they appreciate and love about a game, or franchise, and making something tangible that can be appreciated, whether you know the source material or not, is an art form in and of itself. I would proudly display this Claptrap lamp! Imagine...

I Chose You
Hope for Justice League

Hope for Justice League

jason momoa is the best This gives me so much hope for the upcoming Justice League movie. Hopefully this sort of off-screen shenanigans always bodes well for the finished product if there is natural chemist between the cast. I personally think that this lighter, humorous side needs to...

Portal Movie Still In the Works?
Door Kickers ComicStrip #3
Arcade Block Unboxing – September 2016

Arcade Block Unboxing - September 2016

Man it's been a while but it feels good to get back into making videos for The Gamery. WIll have more to come at the end of this week/early next week, with some Looking At's: Battlefield 1 Beta & Totally Accurate Battle Simulator pre-alpha! "Crystal" by "Zerryx & Midranger" is licensed under a...